2013 Dodge Charger Police – review car

Dodge ChargerVery good cinnamon agreed reviewing the 2013 Dodge charger Police package. On this one and specific get housing a arm 5.7 liter V8 hemi engine. It has 3 about 370 horsepower. There you go. Thursday I mean no are plastic covers on it. Nothing fancy. Got some bodies and it still works fine. This 1 does 060 in a mall 6.5 seconds. It depends on the traction the surface. I mean it’s a really heavy cart so I know considering the way it’s not so bad non the rear. Where the the prisoner you transported me out classic seats. A lot of the older cars at class or rear seats. And although it’s a lot harder to clean that there is any seat you know any skills or anything like that we have the vinyl floors. Arm you know you just can’t hold it down. It’s a lot easier to clean that a lot of the older are. Cars. Yeah through rear mounted radar. Back then you know the radar facing the front 18 inch rims all around in the back. All black steel wheels. And in the front as well. So this one ‘s a 5 speed automatic. So make growing in real quick. Shami if Terry got blood spotlight. More info of Headlights dodge, read at http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html.

There is Log The standard dogs any charge or any of the new ones have this love. Touch screen. And then this one comes with love the center console. No controls on the yellow lights. This’ll controls all the lights. Then this woman told siren. And the horn. We have different modes you know you get really technical or the bar in the woods. Well I bomb top. Nice features that I like about this one is that it has a built in non. Gun rack for a rifle or shotgun anything like that you see good to suggest that. Why do it mega longer. The car also features a lot it’s a hidden switch. That it’s in the car you push the button. And it releases the rifle worst case scenario you know it’s hidden in the car. Just a little button and. There goes. And that so that’s gonna be it for the reviews is a short review of the. The 2013 Dodge charger police package. 5.7 hemi V8, 370 horsepower. As a police suspension as well they did you can take this thing through anything off roading in those matters nettle take a beating. And see you guys next time.