2005 Honda Pilot Ex headlight replacement tips

But I like the support point here. See I’ve cried just replace the low beam headlights my brothers. Pilot he acts Today I was threatened are. To my surprise not one but all of the low beam headlights were out. I had a bit of difficulty removing the headlights so. I want to give you a couple taps out I’m removing any doubt then reinstalling. Inside the headlights when your move and there sat a electrical connector on what you wanna do is remove back next year. And it’s then twist the bulb out. That we all have an easier time getting it out. And the other tape I wanted to give you on.

2005 honda pilot headlightYou can see on the how old’s 2005 honda pilot headlight over here that I just replaced there’s a little gasket I guess that goes on the light sometimes this gasket as you can see here it’s gonna commit off sometimes this will stick inside the light fixture socket so I’m if year reinstalling new ones and you’re having a hard time getting them in let alone out. Check to see if this gasket came off of the ball because sometimes it will actually stick inside the light fixture and then you can have a hard time reinstalling the new unit. Sao. I hope those sack hints are indeed helpful. And with that thanks for watching. A guy’s arm actually one works if I wanted to add. As you know I’m. May now while I’m most of you anyway Sam that have owned pilots after number of years Sarah E. dash shop on the older our pilot models at least doesn’t indicates are.

Whether or not you have filed birds outside lights Tom the only one that does indicate is. Brake lights does indicate anything else really. So am I do want to encourage you also to. Check era 2005 Honda Pilot headlight and fog wide sins. High beams and all that 9 every once in awhile just to be sure I am I actually determine that these were out one night ya happen to. Turn the mind and notice that and nothing was not so I’m glad I did notice that so why that now my brother won’t sack. Get a ticket when he’s driving arm and the other thing is arm you’ll see over here I actually ya. Got a higher quality lights on the ones that were in there were at this. Basic care package right here that I didn’t care for so I have to agree to.

Something a little bit higher quality over here. It’s sad not the brightest the package and now but side it’s sun. A little bit brighter but not obnoxiously bright so I had never really cared for the basic one so I thought this would that. Be a little bit of a nice upgrade and you know hopefully I’ll get my money’s worth that. So why are. Thanks for watching.